Immigration Deceit – Part 1

Robert Whiston  FRSA   Sept 2012

No Bolt from the Blue

Politicians, bankers and their assorted acolytes have by now been written-off by the general public as inveterate ‘spivs’, compulsive liars and fakers-of-fact. The news, therefore, that so august a body as a university falls into the same category is profoundly shocking.

London’s Metropolitan University stands accused of fraud and undermining government policy. It has been stripped of its Highly Trusted Sponsor status following concerns (surely a euphemism) that the university was unable or unwilling to control immigration visas it issued to students attending college courses (allegedly some did not attend their designated course).

The university failed to address serious and systemic failings that were identified by the UK Border Agency six months ago in regards non-EU students. [1]

The scandal has inadvertently lifted the lid on a toxic mixture that has seen politicians, civil servants and ‘the establishment’ working in unison to deliberately deceive the public for over 10 years. They have known all along what has been going on and have used the media to blindside the public. This article is not a unique ‘expose’ as such but it does bring together aspects of the subject that others would prefer were kept in their separate boxes.

Parliament was told by Immigration Minister, Damian Green that the London Metropolitan University had failed in three particular areas:

  • More than 25% of the 101 students sampled were studying at the university when they had no ‘leave to remain’ in this country
  • Some 20 of 50 checked files found “no proper evidence” that the students’ mandatory English levels had been reached
  • And some 142 of 250 (57%) sampled records had attendance monitoring issues, which meant it was impossible for the university to know whether students were turning up for classes or not.

Damian Green MP quoted two additional samples, covering 600 files, which found a problem in more than 60%, he told the House of Commons.

A tidal wave of events

The Home Office has become too big to remain efficient. Not only it is supposed to regulate immigration but it also pays solicitors to represent immigrants and have its own rulings overturned. The ‘UK Border Agency’ is like so many other outwardly independent agencies – really a rebadged section of the Home Office which is done in the hope that the agency and not the HO will take the flak for any incompetencies.

All has not been well at the Home Office for some years. Putting this into context one has to recall that it was John Reid MP as Home Secretary damned his department’s immigration operation (23rd May 2006), as “not fit for purpose” with “inadequate” leadership and management systems. [2]

Compounding the immigration-and-university scandal is the role of arch-feminist Liz Kelly.

Right: John Reid MP

She has worked for the Home Office peer reviewing papers and overseeing its publications esp. on issues of domestic violence and rape while being on the staff of scandal-hit London Metropolitan University.[3]

It is only with the publication of the Stern Report (2010) that we realised the Home Office figures on rape and rape convictions (HORS 276, pub 2004) had been hopelessly inaccurate for years and manipulated, one has to suspect, for political ends.

Clamour for status

For several years past and following the ‘big bang’ in university numbers Chancellors of lesser universities have been complaining to government that they simply haven’t enough money to run courses.One suspects that ego and self-aggrandisement perhaps blinded staff and Vice Chancellors to the cost structure associated with changing status to a university. London Metropolitan University itself was itself a polytechnic until 1992 after which it merged (to survive ?) with several other London colleges, e.g. Sir John Cass.

When the furore dies down we will probably see that this was all about generating greater income from attracting overseas students and to hell with the consequences. Events having priced many local British students out of the market it makes perfect sense to fill the gaps by opening a recruitment office in India. After all, for every £8,000 a local student brings in fees for the college coffers an overseas replacement will bring in fees of £12,000 (illustrative examples only).

The Telegraph (Sept 4th 2012), citing a warning by the UK Border Agency, reported that, “An extra 50,000 bogus foreign students were able to enter the UK because of “extraordinary chaos.” [4]

That was the equivalent of one in six of all foreign students who arrived in 2009, when the system was introduced. [5]  And three years later it is still in turmoil with officials playing “catch up”, according to the Commons Public Accounts Committee.

The figures were based on estimates by the National Audit Office and represented some 16% of the 313,000 foreign students who were granted visas to study in that year.

Out of control

Six years on from John Reid’s confession to parliament and nothing has changed. Immigration controls were chaotic then and they remain chaotic today. What are civil servants doing and why are we still paying them ?

It would seem thatBritain’s immigration control mechanisms – such as they are – are under attack from within and without. There are greedy, desperate and/or ambitious universities (though the pleas is that this scandal is a one-off incident), and there are ineffective controls at our national borders – compounded perhaps by laxness at UK consular offices overseas who employ ‘locals.’

This is to say nothing about crooked businesses large and small that warp the system for their own enrichment – from international banks e.g. Deuthchebank in London, to local builders who all want cheap labour.

According to ONS estimates – and they are only ‘estimates’ – the total long-term immigration to the UK in the year to September 2011 was over ½ million (589,000).

This compares to 600,000 in the year to Sept 2010 and the level of long-term immigration has remained at a similar level since 2004 – that’s 1 million extra people every 2 years for the last decade.

“Immigration,” sadly covers a multitude of diverse categories. Canada, to give just one example, categorises immigrant numbers and percentages as follows (but excludes students):

  • Economic immigrants
  • Family class
  • Refugees
  • Other.

Fortunately, we have a Home Affairs Committee report for 2010–11 into the subject of ‘Student Visas’ and the problems they can cause.[6]

The table below shows a). the annual level of student visas issued and b). the cumulative total of over 1¼ million.


Comparing 2005 with 2009 a clear 100,000 additional student visas were issued indicating either endemic fraud or Britain being realised as a No 1 educational destination. According to Andrew Neather’s revelations (see section below) it is more likely to be the former.

The Establishment’s excuse

The usual excuse deployed by authorities for any abuse or breakdown in the immigration system is to turn the tables and claim that the price is worth paying because ‘these young people create jobs and bring dynamism to the British economy.’

Are these apologists suggesting that English young people are less enlightened and too incompetent to bring jobs and dynamism to the British economy ?

Are they suggesting that British young men and women will never be as dynamic and generate large quantities of wealth ?

How many young British men and women – with or without armfuls of qualifications – have made their way to London to seek their fortune ? And hasn’t it always been this way ?  John Major, lest we forget, became prime minister despite having no formal school qualifications.

As if to contradict its own numbers the same report from the Home Affairs Committee states that:

 “The total number of student visas issued and refused in 2009 was 303,635 and 104,536, respectively.”

In economic terms, an extra million young people in the labour market leads (surprise, surprise), to a suppression of wage rates, a constriction of demand and thereafter a slowing down in living standards – the more so since the middle aged have now become a growing sector of the permanently unemployed.

The squeeze this induces within the economy is ‘deflationary’ and the perennial handicap to growth in the British economy, namely ‘inflation’, is snuffed out in the process. This was ably demonstrated in the last recession of 1990 – 1992. By 1996 the economy had recovered and speaking some years later John Major (the then PM) said:

  • “I inherited a sick economy and passed on a sound one”.

That “sound one” came at the price of wage deflation, i.e. a fall in real purchasing power. Now we have neither a sound economy nor purchasing power which is recovering. We have had quantitative easy (printing money) but any assumption about an increase in the resulting easing of credit and velocity of circulation of money is this time not pulling us out of near-global recession.

The Final Solution ?

Finding we have been pushed deliberately into first a banking crisis and then a recession by the same set of incompetents, all of this sets the scene for the immigration issue grating on the public’s consciousness.

We have no better confirmation of this conclusion that the testimony of Andrew Neather, a former adviser and speech writer to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett. There was he says in a 2009 article, a “deliberate policy”, from late 2000 until “at least February last year”, to hugely increases immigrant numbers over that decade.

According to Andrew Neather, the deliberate policy owes its genesis partly to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country but also to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity” (a new term for ethnic groups), and making multiculturalism irreversible. [7]

Opening up the UK to mass migration and social engineering on such a scale, naturally made all Labour’s ministers nervous. They were “reluctant” to discuss it publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”. As a result, the only public argument permitted concentrated instead on the alleged economic benefits immigration brought and need for more migrants. This was demolished at the time by the think tank Migrationwatch, while at the same time it served to give legitimacy to the claims of the far right BNP.

History will perhaps judge this as a racial apocalypse and to be as monumental a mistake as the Nazism’s racial engineering that impacted the Jews.

Finessing the numbers

Elected on a platform that included quickly getting a handle on immigration numbers it would seem the present government is no more successful than their Labour predecessors. The first rumblings about the levels of immigrations were heard in Jan 2012 but the government’s first significant stumble came in June 2012.

Regardless of which political party is in power the mandarins in Whitehall are bent on softening the blow by disguising the real figures with adjusted ones. Some would call it finessing in a thoughtful and responsible way; others would call it “spin”, pure and simple.

The British population has been systematically and very deliberately lied to for over 20 years. When Michael Howard, himself a son of an immigrant family, advocated stronger asylum and immigration rules in 2004 he was universally denounced by the media as playing “the race card.”

The Guardian in its leader article of Sept 24th 2004 (“Signs of desperation”) described Michael Howard’s views as ‘extreme.’ The Conservatives went into the 2005 election with a poster asking, “Are you thinking what we are thinking ?” – unaware perhaps of just how prophetic the words would prove to be.

The Guardian (darling of the left intelligentsia), declared “Look instead at facts and history”, which it then went on to define as:

Contrary to Mr. Howard’s assertion the asylum system has not become “chaotic, unfair and out of control”. Far from it. The UK has cut the overall number of asylum applicants by 70% since October 2002.

Sadly ‘the facts’ and the claimed cut of 70% were yet more fiction (spin) but in 2004 the immigration topic was very non-PC and there was no one with the gonads to stand up and say so.

It would be immensely non-PC – but true nonetheless – to point out how Michael Howard and Winston Churchill were each prescient in their own era (respectively, immigration and Germay’s rearming). John Reid’s admission two years later, in 2006, serves to underline the accuracy of Michael Howard’s information.

By 2012 there was an acceptance by both major parties that immigration was indeed a troubling social issue for the ordinary working man (i.e. the voter) and that it was a failed policy – little mention was made of its employment effects. We have since learnt that it was more rudderless than a rudderless ship and all the supposed ‘control mechanisms’ had, in fact, long ago rusted up.

In buoyant times no one minds too much about immigration as the economy can absorb all the additional demands placed upon it (school places, housing, health care and medical costs etc). The cost to the general taxpayer is marginal. The pockets where these immigrants congregate are more easily reached and government’s tax take is thus spread wider.

However, a recession brings job scarcity, especially among the majority of the working class who are most affected which ushers in a time of reflection.

No one minds immigration abuses in buoyant times because the impact is not felt, budgets are not pruned, short-time working is not a factor, and the published numbers look acceptable. In fact, the ordinary man in the street would be hard pressed to decide whether “emigration” meant people leaving the UK or people coming into the UK.

Immigrant numbers

In 2011, immigrants (people who arrived in the UK), totalled 593,000. [8]  For the year 2011, emigrants (people who left the UK), totalled 338,000

This is where the headline figure Net Migration for 2011 of 252,000 comes from (593k less 338k). 252,000 – or half the actual immigration rate.

How much more palatable it is to use the net migration figure of 252,000 when it is half the actual immigration total.

It must be emphasised that all these figures are ‘estimates’ since there are a dozen or so groupings where, for instance, immigration status and been denied but the person can no longer be found or ‘leave to stay’ has expired and once again the person has disappeared, or the student visa system has been abused for work in the grey economy.

Of the 593,000 foreigners who arrived in 2011, most were from Asia and Africa. This was an increase over 2010 when 582,000 such immigrants came to settle in Britain. On this one count alone the Conservative policy is failing – just like its predecessor’s.

Canada by comparison

Canada dwarfs the UK geographically. At 3,855,103 sq miles versus Britain’s paltry 94,060 sq miles it is a giant among nations.

To get some scale of the problem it is perhaps helpful to put immigration in geographical terms. In land area terms the UK is roughly comparable in size to the small east coast province of Newfoundland.

Yet Canada has a strict immigration policy that absorbs only 285,000 per annum. With a population of 34 million it can afford to be expansive in its vast and vacant hinterland (save for the highlands of Scotland Britain has no such luxury). [9]

In 2001, Canada accepted 250,640 immigrants, relative to a total population of 30 million (Pop’n 30,007,094 ref. 2001 Census).

By 2010, when Canada’s population was 34 million it was accepting 280,681 immigrants per annum (permanent and temporary) of which:

  • 186,913           (67%) were Economic immigrants
  • 60,220             (22%) were Family class
  • 24,696             (9%)   were Refugees and
  • 8,845               (2%)   were Other.

Compare those figures circa 285,000 per annum with the 593,000 immigrant who entered Britain.

In the aftermath of the universities dishonour and subsequent UK televised debates Canada has been cited as being the ideal for us to work towards yet even Canada is having trouble with controlling immigration and bogus student visa claims (see also Part 2).

The number of Canadian student visas issued in India rise from 3,000 in 2008 to 12,000 in 2010.

This is set to rise to 25,000 student visas in the next two years, as Canada sees education as a big revenue generator. It also is for Britain but in polite circles any talk of money is seen as gauche and distasteful.

But all of this comes at a time when Canadian immigration officers in India have come under criticism for rejecting 80% of ‘tourist visa’ applications in Chandigarh and about 50% in New Delhi. [10]

‘Hot spots’ like this hint at an organising hand – an eminence gris – behind the scenes and this may also be true of  London Metropolitan University and at the boat-people trying to get into Australia.

Unless one has lived in the Third World it is difficult to appreciate the non-occidental mindset and the shenanigans (bribes, back-handers etc) that are taken locally as commonplace. A peasant farmer subsisting on $10 a month in any of  a fist full of countries you could name, will still find a means to lay his hands on $14,000 for a passage to the West or Australia.

Archaic machinery

The blame lies with the machinery controlling immigration and with the machine operators in Whitehall. In the summer of  2011 Robert Brodie Clark, a Home Office civil servant in charge of immigration, had relaxed Biometric controls for not just EU citizens to speed up processing as intended but for non-EU citizens too.[11]

Responsible critics and even the general public have been loftily dismissed and driven into silence by claims of xenophobia and that they are not seeing the bigger picture – the ‘enriching’ of society and generating jobs argument made above.

One of those very early ‘responsible critics’ was Steve Moxon who worked in the Home Office and could see for himself the catastrophe of the alleged policy. It was nothing more than mishmash or arbitrary decisions set against a hodgepodge of intended objectives.

Is it so utterly unrealistic to listen to the opinions of the ordinary man in the street ? Apparently it is, so without whistleblowers like Steve Moxon (who had to sacrifice his job), the news would never have been made available to parliament and the people.

It is suspected that it was he who provided Michael Howard, leader of the Conservative opposition (circa 2002), with the true figures for immigration and accurately pointed to where the system was breaking down.

He highlighted how the Home Office knew about massive “fraudulent circumvention of immigration controls” and yet did nothing about it. He calls it ‘news management’ and the Home Office has been found ‘managing the truth’ about everything from the number of rape prosecutions (see Stern Report) to immigration.

Steve Moxon views are most relevant and he gives us an insight into how the Home Office like a drunkard crashing into one lamp post after another, operates. He runs his own blog site and his opinions can be read at: The following comments are about the earlier regime and are especially prophetic.

  • “A student visa application needed to be checked so that:
  • 1. there is a genuine acceptance by an educational institution
  • 2. that the student has enough funds to support him for the course without recourse to working and
  • 3. that the student is who he/she says he/she is.”
  • None of these were done when I was in post. Sponsorship letters could have been in Chinese and we would be told to accept then.
  • No financial records were required in practice. Any old letter looking like it’s from a college would be taken as genuine. Everything was simply taken on trust.
  • No forgery training was available. Any reference to a senior course worker resulted in instruction to grant the visa anyway.”
  • The potential for terrorists is obvious, as is the lack of a system to detect illegal economic migrants.”

National Insurance Numbers

Evidence that immigration is far from a tightly run ship can be found in the number of National Insurance Numbers issued. The NIS (National Insurance System) makes it essential for all workers in the UK to have a NI number so that the correct income tax can be deducted and current housing schooling and future hospital and pension costs etc are met.

The total of National Insurance numbers issued by Government is far higher than the official level of immigration. Between 2004 and 2007 (Labour government),  270,000 work permits were issued by the Government to non-European nationals, yet over 900,000 National Insurance Numbers were issued.

Assuming that total immigration was around 250,000 per annum (as preferred by government) then in the 4 years between 2004 and 2007 the totals would more or less tally. But if the true figure for immigration is used, i.e. around 500,000 per annum, 900,000 account for only 18 months inflow. What has happened to the influx for the other 2½ years ?


Britain is one of the most densely packed countries in the world. In London and South East the population density is just under 13,000 per square mile. The average density for the UK as a whole, which is still one of the highest in the world, is 660 people per square mile. This compares with an average Canadian figure of 9 people per square mile.

Yet even with all that unpopulated lands mass Canadians still felt intimidated by the numbers flowing in to their country:

  • “The reality is that Canada’s 250,000 per year immigration intake since 1990 has been far too high. In fact, Canada’s intake is the highest per capita in the world. And, contrary to the claims of our political parties, it has obviously been destructive and senseless.” [12]

It may indeed be the ‘highest per capita in the world’ but at least they have vast open spaces into which they can expand. Britain by contrast has bred a vast number of ethnic ghettos into which overstaying immigrants can disappear.

In contrast to the “Canada’s intake is the highest” view is the position taken by Canada’s iimmigration attorneys who are critical of the rejection of visitors’ visas without detailed explanations.

They claim that the system has only three boxes, and invariably the box saying ‘you have no attachment to your home country‘ is checked.

They imply this bears down most where the ‘applicant is young, not married, has no substantial bank account or real estate in his/her name,’ implying that the applicant has no stake in India’ and may not leave Canada by the due date.

Black Art

Ascertaining true immigration numbers proves so unreliable that it is becoming more of a black art than a science. The 2001 Census has become a by-word for inaccuracy, with huge data gaps that have had to be filled in by educated guesswork.

Slough Council, for example, reported that no fewer than 30,000 people were missed in their borough alone. Repeat this by 1,000 towns and the level of inaccuracy become jaw dropping.

As if to emphasis this inadequacies we find that supermarkets are able to predict population levels by the amount of food purchased. Reputedly a leading figure at the TESCO supermarket chain said in 2008 that:

  •  “ . . . [we] estimate the population of the UK to be closer to 80 million, based on the volume of certain staples that [we] sell.” [13]

This was backed up a major, non-commercial agricultural institution which reckoned that there are not 60 million as stated by ONS but 77 million people currently in the UK, this figure again based on how much we eat. NB. The 77 million people figure is widely cited but an original source cannot be found. [14]  The closest found to date is in an Independent article by Martin Baker dating back to Sunday 28th October 2007: [15]

  • “ . . .  the population of the UK is presently somewhere between 77 and 80 million.”
  • “Consumption – that’s the thing. Based on what we eat, one big supermarket chain reckons there are 80 million people living in the UK.”

Meanwhile, a week earlier to the Independent’s 2007 article, ONS published its predicted population of 75 million which would only be reached by 2051. [16]  The Daily Express may not be one of the nation’s high brow “quality” newspapers but the same reporter Leo McKinstry  has previously been shown to be on the money, e.g. “The Age of Unreason” in the ‘Spectator’ (April 23rd 2005). In his assessment in the Daily Express article (July 16th 2012) he includes:

  • But the opposite [ the “enrich our culture” argument ] has been true. Immigration has been a vehicle for economic destruction and social disintegration. With 90% of new jobs going to foreigners, millions of Britons have been thrown on the economic scrapheap, while the taxpayer has had to cope with the mammoth costs of providing healthcare, schooling, welfare and social housing to much of the migrant population. 

If we speak in specifics the situation becomes farcical, just 1,455 Nigerians were given ‘leave to enter’ Britain, yet in the same period 35,900 Nigerians got NI numbers.

In a recent announcement the BNP states that, “Around 25,000 asylum applications are received each year, and previous Office figures have revealed that at least 92% are allowed to stay, even if their applications are rejected.[17]

Apart from the obvious root of the problem, namely that of immigration controls that are non-existent, is the complications caused by a National Census which has not changed significantly since it pre-Victorian origins (1801).

The Census regime operates in order to obtain numbers, and the system relies entirely on morality and honesty prevalent in the 19th century for its accuracy. All Census returns rely on ‘Head of householders’ who have to fill in a long-winded form. It is therefore not difficult for people lacking linear honesty to evade, or give misleading answers which an incompetent state bureaucracy is unlikely to pick up on or identify.

Now Go To ‘Part 2’



[1] Technically the “European Economic Area”

[2] “Immigration system unfit – Reid”

[3] For instance, by Sylvia Walby & Jonathan Allen’s paper on DV and sex offences contained suspect data that should have not been accepted but as a commissioner and reviewer of literature Liz Kelly nodded it through. HORS 276 (2004)

[5] UK Border Agency (UKBA) was created in 2009.


[7] Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, a former Government adviser has revealed  

[9] Scotland has in fact a declining population attributed to migrating south into England and overseas.

[11]  The Home Secretary made a statement to parliament on 7 Nov 2011 setting out the causes for concern. See And   

[12] IWC – Immigration Watch Canada

[13] Conservative MP Greg Hands, ‘Tories Fail to Solve Immigration Crisis that Blights Britain’ July 16, 2012

[16] ‘Tories Fail to Solve Immigration Crisis that Blights Britain’ By Leo McKinstry  July 16th  2012.


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