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The Good Men Do

The mark of a civilisation is said to be the manner in which it conducts itself at all times; how it values its great contributors and inspires others to emulate them while at the same time reaching out to the less gifted and talented.

A tyranny, not a civilisation, treats people as if they were a disposable commodity – yet that is how the United States allowed Dr. Laine, a nuclear physicist, to be treated.

Mark Antony’s eulogy of 2,000 years ago is as true today as it was then – when we bury men the good they have provided for society is often interred with their bones, and their superficial legacy is one of faults – often grievous faults.

Dr. Laine was no ordinary physicist. For a longtime he was a consultant to the government with a security clearance so high that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) considered he merited a personal “minder.”

But his value to the security of the entire nation made little difference to ‘Maximus’, the child support enforcement company in Tennessee. It made no difference to a Ms. Devonne Moore, employed by ‘Maximus’, that his value was far greater than her’s could ever be and significantly more important to the ‘defence of the realm’ than a mere child support enforcement company.

Why does this matter ?  It matters because Dr. Laine is now dead and in the opinion of Charles E. Corry, Ph.D,  Ms. Moore and ‘Maximus’ literally hounded Dr. Laine to death.[1]

It is barely credible that Maximus used bogus court orders issued by a court that doesn’t exist in the fictitious town of Maricopa, Tennessee, but that is the assertion made.

Had it not been for the huge scam in America of false bank foreclosure notices (i.e., counterfeit home repossessions orders), outsourced by Banks to overseas offices, eg Philippines, to cut down on the cost (and revealed on CBS and ABC), the matter of Dr. Laine and false court orders would be entirely incredible. But sadly it is not – it is all too real.

Reportedly, Maximus and Ms. Devonne Moore ‘hounded’ Dr. Laine and they repeatedly jailed him until the FBI told them enough was enough and to desist. Maximus had allegedly pursued Dr. Laine for child support he had already paid long ago !

This is a story repeated the world over wherever child support mechanisms, be they state run or privately owned companies working for the state, operate to fund a government that has decided to make divorce cheap and easy (but now realises it can’t afford such a policy).

In Britain we have had our own ‘Dr. Laine’ – he was Dr David Kelly, the internationally renowned expert on biological warfare. As a WMD weapons inspector he was hounded to death by politicians, many believe, for taking an ‘independent of government’ view. He was found dead – an apparent suicide but one doubted by many – in July 2003.

How the state and its apparatchik-like agencies toss men aside as if they were valueless and easily replaceable is astounding. In the 1990s when hundred of men committed suicide after receiving their ‘interim’ CSA assessments hardly surfaced as news worthy story (they had no idea that the ‘interim’ assessment was always 2 or 3 times the actual final assessment. All all they could see was the impossibility of living on £5 or £50 a month).  Yet when 3 or 4 women are mis-diagnosed with breast cancer at a clinic it received wall-to-wall coverage in the media.

The past 2 decades are littered with the corpses of the known and the unknown. People like Roger Whitcomb who established the radical UKMM. Knowing he was dying of cancer he divided his money and estate between a cancer research foundation and the newly emerging Men’s Movement.

There are others like the late Daniel Amneus author of “The Garbage Generation” who educated a whole generation. Who in the father movement could not know and appreciate Richard Gardner who brought Parental Alienation Syndrome to the world’s attention but who took his own life in May 2003 rather than live through the pain of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (a painful neurological syndrome)

The men’s and fathers’ movement is lucky in the calibre of men it attracts. All men regardless of income or social station in life are adversely affected by policies pursued by governments and thus they make common cause. The result is a unifying of diverse talents on an unparalleled scale.

We have the prodigious output of Warren Farrell (”The myth of male power”, and many other books), George Gilder’s perceptiveness (“Sexual Suicide”), the awesome analytical skills of Ivor Catt, people like Peter Tromp, in Holland, who translates in 5 different languages and many, many others around the world all now linked together by the internet.



[1] Charles E. Corry, Ph.D is connected to the Equal Justice Foundation. He has posted a fuller story re: Dr. Laine in an article entitled ‘How To Destroy A Nuclear Physicist’. (http://www.ejfi.org/family/family-38.htm ).